MOSES In a Box Now in Beta Testing

MIAB is undergoing extensive testing.
Added by Douglas Maxwell over 6 years ago

MIAB is a replica of the larger deployment of Open Simulator at the STTC. It is designed to run in a virtual machine and easily deployed on your local networks.

  • It will be available as a virtual disk image download and can be used by Oracle's Virtual Box or VMWare.
  • It auto-starts all of the services needed to support a full MOSES deployment.
  • Source Code is included.
  • It comes with 4 regions with content, including avatar skin and clothing, and meeting spaces.
  • It starts a web server, so web based user management and simulator management tools are included.


Added by David Fliesen over 6 years ago

Thanks, Doug. I look forward to using MIAB and really appreciate what STTC and TRADOC are doing by providing this resource.