• MGM

    MOSES Grid Manager [MGM] is an administrative application that with Simiangrid, can manage an Opensimulator based grid.

    This project includes the original MGM, which is a php web application that operates with SimianGrid as an Opensimulator Grid Frontend; as well as MGM2, a complete rewrite of the MGM front-end, with an eye towards the goals and functionality of MOSES....


    Project MOSES: Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy

    Research and Development Efforts to Create a Self Contained/Secured virtual world using the Open Simulator.

  • IEEE CG & A

    Publication date: November/December 2016

    Research in computer graphics owes much to early and continued developments in military systems ranging from command and control displays in the 1950s to flight simulators and image generators in the 1970s. For example, graphics pioneer and Turing Award winner Ivan Sutherland developed the first virtual reality display helmet at Harvard in the 1960s with funding from the US Department of Defense. His head-mounted display (HMD) concept became widely used in military and commercial simulators and, thanks to videogames, is now becoming a consumer device. National security continues to push the limits of computer graphics technology with augmented reality for stealth fighter aircraft, real-time simulation for cyber defense and robotics systems, and visualization for complex geographic information systems. Understanding the direction of military-related computer graphics and research can provide insight into future civilian uses as well provide a path to novel ideas....

  • OpenSim Data Collection

    Effort of adding new and updating existing simulation statistics in OpenSim.

  • OpenSim PhysX

    The integration of Nvidia's PhysX into OpenSim.

  • Opensim Webgl

    The efforts to create an html5 and webgl web-based viewer for virtual worlds.

  • Physics Testing Scenario

    Inside the MOSES grid resides a region, dedicated to testing the simulator's physics performance. This project contains all of the files, instructions, and descriptions on the region's development.

  • Semi-Headless Firestorm Viewer

    This project produced a version of the Phoenix Firestorm Viewer that can run semi-headless via command-line arguments. Semi-headless means the viewer stops rendering viewer graphics and closes the viewer's window immediately after the program has been launched, while keeping the instance running with automatic avatar movement. This feature is the implementation for viewer-based bots....

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