MOSES Grid Manager [MGM] is an administrative application that with Simiangrid, can manage an Opensimulator based grid.

This project includes the original MGM, which is a php web application that operates with SimianGrid as an Opensimulator Grid Frontend; as well as MGM2, a complete rewrite of the MGM front-end, with an eye towards the goals and functionality of MOSES.


MGM is ready for use, and is in use on project MOSES.

MGM2 is not ready for use, it is early pre-alpha as of this writing in April, 2015.


MGM was originally a simple administrative tool. The MOSES grid had been using Robust and the Wifi plugin for simple user management. However, MOSES soon grew and required more powerful tooling. At the same time MOSES was migrating from Robust, to SimianGrid, for the Grid front-end. SimianGrid came with a simple php/html web interface for user registration and management. MGM was created to be a grid-aware front-end, and became an integration point for process management, group management, estate management, config management, and any other feature that was needed by MOSES. MGM included a freeswitch config for voice, and an implementation of offline messaging.

MGM is highly useful, and is available publicly on github. Project MOSES also on occasion releases a small vm image containing a complete MGM/SimianGrid/Opensim/Freeswitch install.


MGM2 is an almost complete rewrite of the MGM application from the ground up. It replaces an apache2/php5 backend with a custom server written in Go. It updates the frontend to more recent library versions, and changes how the web client and server communicate. MGM2 will host the html5 client Project MOSES is developing. MGM2 is also exploring porting SimianGrid into a library so that deployments are simplified, and networking is simplified.

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Manager: Michael Heilmann

Developer: Michael Heilmann