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Total time: 51.00 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
OpenSim PhysX10/21/2015Glenn MartinDevelopmentBug #1206: PhysX Ball Pit Test Segmentation Faults with 500+ Balls3.00
MGM07/23/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1188: HTML5 displayterminal now functional and region controls functional.6.00
MGM07/16/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1188: HTML5 displayContinued html5 development. This still involves golang backend re-working, but progress is accellerating6.00
MGM06/22/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1190: MGMNodemgm node basically implemented. It is highly simplified as MGM can now track terminal actions its-self. TODO: updated opensim configuration management over multiple files, iar/oar file retrieval by MGM.5.00
MGM04/22/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1187: Websocket streamliningWebsocket communications are hashed out, and extensible.5.00
MGM04/17/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1188: HTML5 displayBasic web page is together, with fields populating correctly. Most buttons are just stubbed out.4.00
MGM04/17/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1187: Websocket streamliningMoving data to the client is pretty much done. I also respond to a request for configs. Finishing this p will depend on having a client interface to trigger the events from.10.00
MGM04/16/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1187: Websocket streamliningRegions now propogated to the html5 client. This involved rewriting portions of the database layer, as well as refining core interfaces and objects to maintain appropriate structure.3.00
MGM04/08/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1187: Websocket streamliningWebsocket and wire protocol established2.00
MGM04/03/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1186: Simiangridcompleted work. All functions besides group membership tested; there is no simple way to confirm group membership at this time.5.00
MGM04/03/2015Michael HeilmannDevelopmentTask #1186: SimiangridAuthorization function working, with request handler function.2.00

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